OLED technology form Samsung certified for eye care display

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OLED技术授予认证闪烁-free and low emission of harmful blue light, reducing the impact on vision.Read More
By Jean-Pierre Joosting


Samsung Display has announced that its OLED technology continues to see increased recognition worldwide as the eye-friendly display for users based on its flicker-free and low blue light features. Global certification company, TUV, awarded the OLED technology with the ‘Flicker Free’ certification, while SGS, the world-leading certification company, recognized the technology with the Eye Care Display Certification.

“Samsung OLED has raised picture quality specifications to another level for laptops in areas of color, contrast rate, response speed and more,” says Baek Ji-ho, Head of Samsung Display Strategic Marketing for Small and Medium Business. “The two recently awarded global eye-friendly display certifications prove OLED technology offers the best performing display to reduce the impact on consumers’ vision.”

的global ‘Flicker Free’ certification was received following TUV testing of OLED displays from Samsung for laptops at different refresh rates between 60 Hz, 90 Hz and 120 Hz, where the OLED technology showcased user-friendly specs with no sign of flickering. Display flickering occurs when a TV or monitor constantly blinks due to inconsistent screen brightness. Flickering is difficult to identify through the naked eye, but constant exposure can often cause headaches, red eyes and a negative impact on overall vision. As a worldwide trademark of trust and quality, TUV global certifications ensure that products have been tested for safety and that it complies with all regulations.

In addition, Samsung’s OLED display was also recognized by SGS, a global certification company, with the Eye Care Display Certification for its significantly low emission of ‘harmful blue light’. With less blue light visible, users’ eye fatigue, dry eye syndrome and poor sleeping habits can be improved even when looking at the display for long periods of time.

Samsung OLED emits one-third less harmful blue light compared to LCD displays. As a result of the certification testing, harmful blue light was also shown to be reduced by 78 percent in ‘Dark Mode’, which darkens background lights.

Samsung Display emphasized, “When our OLED laptops are used in Dark Mode, users can preserve the battery life and protect their eyes, with almost no effects from blue light emissions.”


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